Meet The Instruments


Our Mini-Musicians are kids ages 2-7 that participate in group intro to music classes. This provides children the opportunity to start young without committing to (or purchasing) an instrument. After 1-2 years in this group we encourage transitioning into private lessons.

Demonstrate Skills

Our Mini-Musicians will be able to demonstrate new skills every 4-6 weeks. It is important that they are always challenged to learn new techniques. Centered around the piano, students will also learn the basics of guitar, violin, percussion, ukulele, cello and studio recording. It is adorable!

Become an Artist

Students will have fun and learn the basics of music theory. They will start with Dynamics (soft vs loud), Pitch (high vs low) and combine them with rhythm and note reading. They will apply these skill directly to instruments and have the opportunity to perform twice a year.

When do we start?

Pre-registration is required as all current classes are full. We are very strategic in placing children in groups of similar age and temperament. As the children progress, they will be transitioned from group classes to pairs of 2 and eventually private lessons.

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