I Met My Violin On Tinder

We stare at each other – both unflinching…

Why do relationships have to be so…HARD?!? I just practiced yesterday! I have to do it again???

Let’s get something straight – I HATE to practice violin…until I am actually doing it.

So begins my love-hate relationship with my instrument.

Have you ever experienced that feeling of total dread, knowing the level of focus you are going to need to apply? I do it on a daily basis. However, once I have practiced for about 10 minutes the endorphins kick in, the productivity wheel has been turned, the switch flipped….you get the picture. I then develop this profound sense of pride in my accomplishment of practicing – because I know most people never even attempted.

I am currently eyeballs deep in Ivan Galamian’s Violin Pedagogy Book.

It is not a new book (He passed away in 1981), or even new to me (I read it in college) but something about it currently has me captivated. It is making me appreciate the little details I have missed for years. The angle of the fingertips, the vibration of the overtones (did this just get weird?)

Here is an actionable step to romancing your instrument!

Make a deal with yourself.

I say “Daniel, just get it out and play for 15 minutes, then you can put it away.” Inevitably that snowballs into a massively productive session. Mentality, I can TOTALLY gear up for such a small commitment. Guess what? I will often then practice for 3+ hours at a time and the last time I missed a day of practice was several months ago.

So often, I believe that people simply need to give themselves a chance to succeed. PULL OUT YOUR INSTRUMENT – You don’t need to set aside crazy amounts of time, just give yourself room to fall in love with your craft. It WILL happen and when it does, you will bat your eyelids and say to your instrument “Wow, this was really nice, we should do this again soon.”

That’s it: Give yourself a chance. Find beauty in the unspectacular easy-to-neglect habits. Because that is where epic love stories are born.

Now go practice 🙂

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